A little 2017 recap and my first Birth story

Aside from loosing both of my grandparents, I had a very busy year with my photography. I booked more weddings this year than I've ever done on my own and met new families during my fall mini portrait sessions and photographed my first birth. Which in turn is what I have fallen in love with photographing. This year will be full of new and exciting business opportunities for me. I still will be doing weddings, but only a few so I can focus on my family and pursue more of birth photography. 

Angela came to me about 3 months before she was about to deliver her sweet baby girl. I was so thrilled to be able to do this for her because I had 2 other births that were scheduled and the clients canceled because of complications of the delivery. She texted me at 4:30am telling me that her water broke and they were heading to the hospital. When she arrived she was already dilated to a 4, by 7am my father in law came to watch my daughter so I could head to the hospital. As she was waiting for a room to be available we waited with anticipation in triage. She was super nervous to have the baby there rather than in a room. She soon got a room and the waiting began. Around noon she received her epidural and within an hour she was ready to push. Brooklyn Grace was born beautiful and healthy as can be! Thank you Angela for trusting me and allowing me to be apart of your special moment in life. 

Kaila and Dawson

So lets be real, I've been having a very hard time trying to balance "business woman" and "mom life" and "wife" roll. It's defiantly a lot harder than I thought it would be and to be quite honest I haven't had any time to just work on my business. I have 4 wedding coming up and portrait sessions in between and did it mention its my Birthday month, well I technically only like to celebrate it for a week, but in my mind I like to celebrate it the whole month, haha, just don't tell my husband ;). 

I've also been struggling with trying to find my purpose here in the photography world so thats why i decided to do a lifestyle shoot, something I've never done before, which also my be my favorite session to date. 

Anyway, last month i've been trying to really go outside the box with sessions and really wanted to do an in-home session with a cute family. So when I came across Kailas Instagram I fell in love with her style; and did I mention how sweet, down to earth, and beautiful this mom-to-be with her second baby is! Well i decided to grow a pair and message her in Instagram, not thinking she would even read the message, but she kindly responded and we set a date! During our session i felt as though we were meant to be friends! we talked about things we had in common, and our future endeavors, and how social media is something that people see on a page but its not real life and you don't know whats actually going on behind the feed.

Before the session I had many ideas about what I wanted to photograph so I came up with the idea of cookies because; 1. who doesn't like cookies? and 2. what toddler doesn't like chocolate chips ;). Here is Kaila and Dawson in their beautiful home in North East Fresno, CA  

To my 2016 families.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank everyone for supporting me in my career as a photographer as well as my business. This has been quite a year and i am so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life and to capture those special moments for you all. Here is a little summary of some amazing families from this past year. Love you all so much and heres to you 2016 on to 2017!


xo, Kelsey

we had a baby!!!

We announced on Easter I was pregnant at 29 weeks , and yes I know I shocked a lot of you and some people didn't even know! (which was the best part). We didn't know the sex of the baby until birth either (I though I was having a boy). But we decided to keep it a secret and the main reason was because we didn't really care about wether or not we were having a boy or girl (it also helped in labor ;)) but with that said we welcomed our sweet daughter Karly Elise Anderson into the world on June 14th, 2016 at 3:48pm. she is now 3 months old and we are so in love! I too have been busy with my photography and will soon update my website and blog, but in the mean time I will be enjoying all the snuggles I can get from this sweet girl of ours! 

Alexis |Clovis West| Class of 2016

I have known Alexis for many years because she is my cousins best friend. She would attend our annual family trip to Pismo, CA with my aunt and uncle almost every year. Alexis, will be leaving the Central Valley to attend Cal Baptist University this coming fall. Alexis you will do great things and we will miss you while your away at school! Here are a few from her Senior Portrait Session!

Michelle, Sal, and Phoenix |Downtown Fresno|

Michelle reached out to me from a former client regarding family photos. I was excited that her and her family were up do to a different location in Downtown Fresno! Phoenix was a hoot and Michell and Sal are so in love. Here are a few images from their Downtown Session

The Truth about Social Media

SURPRISE! some of you may have just found out that we are expecting our first child via Facebook and Instagram, and are probably wondering why we waited so long to announce it.

Well, to be honest... it was nice to keep it between my husband, family and friends. We live in a world where we are consumed and emerged with knowing what our "social media friends" are doing all the time, keeping up with the latest trends, having to have the "perfect" Instagram feed, and making sure our profile is up to the "social media standard". I also didn't want to be the typical "social media pregnant woman" posting about my experience, weekly belly picture updates, how many times I threw up that morning, how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I went through, and how long I slept that day.

When we found out that we were pregnant (October 8th, 2015) we were so blessed and excited to be able to start a family and after we told our family and friends it was even more exciting. We wanted to keep this a secret because it felt like I was keeping something from my best friend, aka the social media world since our generation is so consumed in it. I also felt if I kept this secret then it wouldn't affect my business. 

Since running this Photography business I have come so far and it is now starting to take off, I didn't want to blow my opportunities that I had because I was pregnant. I did have a few clients cancel on me because of my circumstances and that broke my heart, feeling that this business of mine is falling apart, but with the help of loved ones they have continued to help me along the way. I was informing clients when they would inquired about wedding photos for the months of May-August that I wouldn't be available to photograph their weddings because I am pregnant and I would have a newborn, all the inquiring clients understood and they were so sweet about it. 

But recently a full body photo was posted of me and my husband and I decided that since all of our "close" family and friends know that we might as well share the news. Yes, we kept it a secrete for a little over 7 months now (30 weeks), but NO, I won't be posting anymore belly pictures, telling you about my daily pregnancy struggles and nonsense about what actually goes on in my life. Were NOT finding out the gender or telling you our names.. because quite frankly you already know too much. #breakingthemoldofsocialmedia

Kayla |Fresno State Graduate|

 Kayla is not only one of my best friends but she is my sister. Our dads went to JR. High school together, grew up in the same neighborhood, and have stayed family friends our entire lives. Not only did we compete together on our elementary, Jr. High and High school Cross-country team but we were in each others weddings, standing by each other sides while we said "i do" to the man of our dreams. Kayla is graduating from CSU Fresno this May and I couldn't be more proud of her. Love you so much K! Congratulations! 

The Lynn Family

Allyson reached out to me in January about doing some family photos for her and her beautiful family when she found out about that I was doing some for her Brother and Sister In-Law! We had originally planned on doing the session up at Shaver Lake, CA but with weather on stand by they just decided to head out to the good ol' country of Clovis. Allyson, Michael, Colton, and Mason were such a pleasure to photograph and the love they have for one another really showed through out their session. Thanks again guys for a fun filled afternoon! 

Siemens Family

Kevin and Stacey added a new little addition 4 weeks early on November 2, 2015. Jordan Crew aka j.crew is a little cutie and a bundle of joy and I think I only heard him cry once during our session; J.Crew, you rock little man! Im so excited for this little family not only because of their new addition but because they are family too! Love you guys to the moon and back! hope you come and visit the Central Valley soon! 

Danny, LB and Baby Harvey

LB reached out to me last may and wanted me to capture her pregnancy announcement, so she then decided that she also wanted maternity and new born photos of her little man Harvey! So we started in Shaver Lake, CA where we did her maternity session and ended in her home about 4 weeks later with their new addition, Harvey; he is just he cutest thing! Here is a little preview of both sessions :) 

Jared and Marissa Married

Jared and Marissa tied the knot at a U.S. Army Base in San Luis Obispo, CA. Before we headed to the ceremony they got gussied up at the Madonna Inn, where gold glitter walls int eh bride suite and historic details covered the grounds. Jared and Marissa are two of the most kind people you can ever met and are the sweetest couple. Their love is so strong you can feel it when you are only with them for a short amount of time. Jared and Marissa, I wish you two a long and happy life together as you embark on this new journey together as husband and wife. 

Tommy and Skylar Married

Second shooting with Ellie Koleen has been a dream come true.. its like we were meant to be friends and love the world and art of photography.. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me.. Here are some images from Tommy and Skylar's big day over this past summer :) Enjoy! 

Bryce and Nicole Engaged

Doing engagement sessions before the big day is always a good way to get to know the couple you are going to photograph. For this couple, I have know them my whole life, well the groom that is. The groom, Bryce, is my first cousin on my moms side and his bride, Nicole, have been together for 4 years and they are finally tying the knot!i had so much fun with them at the venue that they will be getting married at next May :) Can't wait for your big day! 

It wasn't too hot this summer

The summer of 2015 is defiantly one to talk about. And the reason why I say that this summer wasn't too hot was because my husband and I weren't around to even experience the Valley heat. But we decided that this summer we needed to do as much traveling as we could before we start trying to have a family. Our adventures took us to Jamaica, Ohio & Indiana, Long Beach, CA,  Vegas, Mammoth, and then a Mexican Cruise! We are so thankful that we were able to experience all this traveling. 

Jamaica was beautiful! We stayed at an Adult Only, All-Inclusive Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect and were considering going back one day soon. Some of these are iPhone images.. so no judgement please ;)

Our next adventure was when we visited his family in Ohio and Indiana. This was my first time in the mid west and I was so surprised that it wasn't as humid as I thought it would be. We got to see some Amish folk and I also go to see where my father in law are up! We ate at one of the first drive up diners Bummies,(like sonic) in Indiana and people were laughing because we kept taking selfies and pictures. Visited the Ohio Zoo. and go to meet kedric second cousins for the first time, Kinsley, Molly, Cohen, and Colsen. :) (I think baby looks pretty good on my man, but don't tell him that ;))

WE then traveled with Kedric parents to a beach house that Chuck rented for two weeks in Long beach.. well it really wasn't a house.. it was more of 700 square foot room that they put a kitchen, bathroom and a sitting area in :) it was quite cozy and quaint.. oh and the real kicker is that it had a name... The Pineapple Cottage! They took me to the most awesome nurses EVER!! Rodgers Gardens and celebrated the fourth of July with a festive fourth of July dessert, we rode our bikes every where ate acai bowls and enjoyed the beautiful beach weather (these are all iPhone photos.. no judgement please!)

The next adventure I experienced it with out Kedric.. I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party for one of my dear friends Kayla. We had so much fun and i couldn't of gone with a better group of girls! Don't worry i called Kedric every night when i got home ;).

After vegas came mammoth... Talk about beauty! this place is seriously the most beautiful place I have ever been. It is the perfect example of natural beauty. We stayed in June lake and camped in a tent, went to Mammoth and hiked to Devils post pile, and rainbow falls. 

and last but not least our lovely trip to Mexico! we met some amazing people there and we can't wait to hang out with them again because they are only 3 hours away!!! :) 

The Jay's

A few months ago I had the privilege of taking Ryan and Noelle's Maternity photos. 

wait.. it doesn't start there..

Noelle and I met my freshman year of High School while running on the same Cross Country team. After she graduated we never really kept in touch, she went to school down south and I still had two more years left of High School. Until the summer I graduated High School, I started dating one of her family friend and we've kept in touch ever since. 

I've seen her get engaged to a wonderful man, Ryan, get married, buy a house, raise two dogs, be apart of an amazing life group, and now one of the greatest things in life, become a Mother. But not to one child, but to two beautiful identical twin boys, Hunter and Hudson Jay. 

Congratulations Ryan and Noelle!

Love you both so much, 


Clinton and Stacy are MARRIED

I had the privilege to be a second photographer with Ellie Koleen Photography for Clinton and Stacy Yada on their wedding day! Clinton and Stacy are the two sweetest people I have ever met and they make such a beautiful couple. Their wedding was held at Holland Park West in Fresno, CA. Here are a few images from their lovely wedding :). 

Danny and LauraBeth Pregnancy Announcement

I was contacted six weeks ago by LauraBeth (LB) about just doing a small photo session, she then proceeded to tell me that she was pregnant! I was so happy and filled with joy for her and her man Danny aka Grubb. She then told me that I was the only one who knew and that we had to keep it hush hush for awhile :). So we created a secret Pinterest board with ideas about what we wanted to recreate for their session. That ideal place is.. well I'm not going to say because I don't want anyone else taking photos at this ideal lush fantasy garden. Thanks again Grubb and LB! Enjoy!:)