A little 2017 recap and my first Birth story

Aside from loosing both of my grandparents, I had a very busy year with my photography. I booked more weddings this year than I've ever done on my own and met new families during my fall mini portrait sessions and photographed my first birth. Which in turn is what I have fallen in love with photographing. This year will be full of new and exciting business opportunities for me. I still will be doing weddings, but only a few so I can focus on my family and pursue more of birth photography. 

Angela came to me about 3 months before she was about to deliver her sweet baby girl. I was so thrilled to be able to do this for her because I had 2 other births that were scheduled and the clients canceled because of complications of the delivery. She texted me at 4:30am telling me that her water broke and they were heading to the hospital. When she arrived she was already dilated to a 4, by 7am my father in law came to watch my daughter so I could head to the hospital. As she was waiting for a room to be available we waited with anticipation in triage. She was super nervous to have the baby there rather than in a room. She soon got a room and the waiting began. Around noon she received her epidural and within an hour she was ready to push. Brooklyn Grace was born beautiful and healthy as can be! Thank you Angela for trusting me and allowing me to be apart of your special moment in life.