Kaila and Dawson

So lets be real, I've been having a very hard time trying to balance "business woman" and "mom life" and "wife" roll. It's defiantly a lot harder than I thought it would be and to be quite honest I haven't had any time to just work on my business. I have 4 wedding coming up and portrait sessions in between and did it mention its my Birthday month, well I technically only like to celebrate it for a week, but in my mind I like to celebrate it the whole month, haha, just don't tell my husband ;). 

I've also been struggling with trying to find my purpose here in the photography world so thats why i decided to do a lifestyle shoot, something I've never done before, which also my be my favorite session to date. 

Anyway, last month i've been trying to really go outside the box with sessions and really wanted to do an in-home session with a cute family. So when I came across Kailas Instagram I fell in love with her style; and did I mention how sweet, down to earth, and beautiful this mom-to-be with her second baby is! Well i decided to grow a pair and message her in Instagram, not thinking she would even read the message, but she kindly responded and we set a date! During our session i felt as though we were meant to be friends! we talked about things we had in common, and our future endeavors, and how social media is something that people see on a page but its not real life and you don't know whats actually going on behind the feed.

Before the session I had many ideas about what I wanted to photograph so I came up with the idea of cookies because; 1. who doesn't like cookies? and 2. what toddler doesn't like chocolate chips ;). Here is Kaila and Dawson in their beautiful home in North East Fresno, CA