The Truth about Social Media

SURPRISE! some of you may have just found out that we are expecting our first child via Facebook and Instagram, and are probably wondering why we waited so long to announce it.

Well, to be honest... it was nice to keep it between my husband, family and friends. We live in a world where we are consumed and emerged with knowing what our "social media friends" are doing all the time, keeping up with the latest trends, having to have the "perfect" Instagram feed, and making sure our profile is up to the "social media standard". I also didn't want to be the typical "social media pregnant woman" posting about my experience, weekly belly picture updates, how many times I threw up that morning, how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I went through, and how long I slept that day.

When we found out that we were pregnant (October 8th, 2015) we were so blessed and excited to be able to start a family and after we told our family and friends it was even more exciting. We wanted to keep this a secret because it felt like I was keeping something from my best friend, aka the social media world since our generation is so consumed in it. I also felt if I kept this secret then it wouldn't affect my business. 

Since running this Photography business I have come so far and it is now starting to take off, I didn't want to blow my opportunities that I had because I was pregnant. I did have a few clients cancel on me because of my circumstances and that broke my heart, feeling that this business of mine is falling apart, but with the help of loved ones they have continued to help me along the way. I was informing clients when they would inquired about wedding photos for the months of May-August that I wouldn't be available to photograph their weddings because I am pregnant and I would have a newborn, all the inquiring clients understood and they were so sweet about it. 

But recently a full body photo was posted of me and my husband and I decided that since all of our "close" family and friends know that we might as well share the news. Yes, we kept it a secrete for a little over 7 months now (30 weeks), but NO, I won't be posting anymore belly pictures, telling you about my daily pregnancy struggles and nonsense about what actually goes on in my life. Were NOT finding out the gender or telling you our names.. because quite frankly you already know too much. #breakingthemoldofsocialmedia